6 Tips to Prevent Flat Head Syndrome

With a newborn baby sleeping upto 16-17 hours a day*, it causes great concern for parents to ensure their baby does not start to develop plagiocephaly – flat head syndrome.

Here are 6 tips to minimize the chance of flat head syndrome for your new born baby:

1. Sleep on their tummy
Although this is a tip, there has to be great caution when letting a baby sleep on their tummy due to SIDS

2. Flat head pillow
The flat head pillow is a new generation pillow that has a special design hole for the babies head to shape properly and thus reducing flat head syndrome.

3. Do not use swings, baby rockers and car seats

4. Holding your baby
This is another great way to relieve pressure of the babies head.

5. Alternate sleeping positions
A natural way to reduce the risk of flat head syndrome is to alternately turn over the baby after set intervals

6. Sitting
The baby is able to increase neck strength as well as remove pressure from their head.


*reference taken from babycenter.com

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